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This site provides "courses" covering aspects of croquet such as Laws Training, Stroke-Play and Tactical Coaching, Lawn Care, and some fun stuff such as croquet trivia quizzes.

Where does ClarkeCroquet fit into the world of online croquet resources?

This site contains interactive training resources such as self-marking quizzes, video demonstrations, photo essays, coaching materials written by the site facilitators (Chris and Jenny Clarke) and other contributors, and resources to help tournament managers.

To visit an area of the site, click on the "course" you'd like to join, and self-enrol by clicking on the "enrol" option on the right. Quizzes and some other activities will require you to register with ClarkeCroquet and enrol in the courses (all free). Other resources can be checked out through Guest access.

Why do I have to sign up and login to use ClarkeCroquet?

This site is built on a "Moodle" base, which allows us to provide interactive activities like a great array of quiz options - the trade-off is that the site needs you to login for the quizzes to work properly. You can visit ClarkeCroquet as a guest and access everything apart from the quizzes, however for the full experience and access, pick a username and password and come on board.

What's new lately?

September 2018: 

  • Check out the excellent new artificial croquet lawn at Russley Village - the best we have ever played on!! See "Lawn Care" section

February 2019:

  • Under "Croquet Rules (AC and GC)" the ALL Golf Croquet rules quiz questions have been updated to the 5th edition (2018) version of the Rules.

Enjoy the site, and please give us feedback to help improve the site. Feedback and contributor suggestions can be sent to:

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Available courses

Stroke play

This area of ClarkeCroquet provides coaching videos and instruction on strokeplay. It provides complementary information to the coaching area on Tactics.

March 2015: New section added: hoop running.

Association Croquet Tactics

This area contains videos, coaching notes, photo presentations, quizzes and other learning material on the tactics of Association Croquet.

Added March 2015: The Sextuple Peel. A look at the development of the sextuple peel over the last 50 years, explaining how the methodology for completion has changed, and showing some of the more modern leaves involved with this line of play.

Croquet Laws - AC and GC

This site contains quizzes and other resources to help croquet players and administrators to better understand and consolidate their knowledge of the Laws of Association Croquet and the Rules of Golf Croquet.

Historical Videos from Events

This section contains links to various croquet videos from 1995 to the present day.

The videos show play from various tournaments around the world and hopefully will  provide a historical record of both the standard of play and some of the top players to have played.

Clips include both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet.

If you would like us to link to any of your own videos, please contact the site administrator (

Croquet Trivia

This site contains some light-hearted quizzes to provide a bit of fun.

We'll add more material to the site in the coming weeks - photos, maybe a caption competition or two.

Tournament Management (AC and GC)

New to Tournament Management:

22 April 2014: Try your hand at creating optimal formats for different tournament scenarios.

Golf Croquet Tactics

This area contains videos, coaching notes, photo presentations, quizzes and other learning material on the tactics of Golf Croquet.

Added March 2015: How to use Extra Turns. What extra turns are, appropriate times to use them, and a discussion of different scenarios.


A look at various parts of the equipment involved in the game.

New: How to choose the right mallet.

ClarkeCroquet: Lawn Care

This area of ClarkeCroquet provides instructions and information on lawn care for volunteers and greenskeepers at croquet facilities.

New content (Sept 2018): Pictures and Detail of the best artificial lawn we've ever seen.